Class of 2017 Profile

With only 25 seats available for both the full-time, and the part-time cohort (50 seats in total), the Amsterdam MBA programme is extremely proud for having such a huge diversity among its MBA candidates. Meet the full-time 2016-2017 and the part-time 2016-2018 cohort.



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Industry sector pre-MBA (full- and part-time)

MBA students come from a diverse range of industry sectors, including: consultancy, public relations, marketing & advertising, information technology, oil & energy, banking & finance, telecommunications, international affairs, hospitality, retail, leisure, FMCC, education, trading and many more. 


Academic background

Again, the Amsterdam MBA students come from a wide variety of academic background. We have students in the class from top-ranked universities, but also from reputable smaller B-schools in their home-country. To name just a few universities where our students come from: Columbia University, LSE, UCLA, IIT-Delhi, Tec de Monterrey, New Economic School Moscow, Bocconi and many others. The MBA candidates bring in a wealth of academic knowledge, covering topics from Business, Finance and Economics to Law, Architecture, Social Sciences and Philosophy.

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The Amsterdam MBA

7 September 2017