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International Study Trip

MBA Big Data & Business Analytics

The International Study Trip is designed to give our students additional exposure to international business. The course comprises a one-week trip in which students follow lectures at a top Business School abroad and visit local companies and cultural events.

Silicon Valley

In January 2019 the destination of the International Study Trip is Silicon Valley, California, U.S., home of companies that have built their success on big data like Google, eBay, Facebook and Apple. The programme offers insight into the nature of business in this leading hub for high-tech innovation and development. It gives students the opportunity to personally experience the transformative power of big data and learn from real life use cases.

The Study Trip is primarily:

  • To learn how the Silicon Valley - ECO system stimulates  both Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
  • To understand the role of
    – Universities, such as Stanford
    – Accelerators / Incubators / Venture Studios
    – Venture Capital
    – Large companies, e.g. Google, Paypal;
  • To understand what it takes to start a business in the US.

During the Study Trip you will meet industry experts, executives, entrepreneurs and consumers in a classroom setting, but more importantly in real life corporate settings.