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Big Data Thesis Project

MBA Big Data & Business Analytics

The Thesis Project is the final element in the course requirements of the MBA Big Data & Business Analytics programme. Students conduct their thesis within the setting of their employer’s organization or industry during the summer prior to graduation and culminating in a written, graded report.


The objective of the thesis project is, to carry out a research project involving the application of Big Data in business. Apart from a written report, output could be (the start of) “a new product” (e.g. a new business concept, model/algorithm, software).

This project encompasses all key learning elements of the curriculum:

  • Business relevance: Start a big data project that really makes sense in practice and has a clear business case;
  • Academic rigor: Understand the differences between and limitations of academic theories, frameworks and concepts, and know how to apply them in your research project;
  • Multidisciplinarity: The ability and creativity to combine knowledge of the three main fields: Analytics, Business and Computer Science;
  • Pragmatism: Develop a solution that really works in practice, given the context in which it has to work;
  • Project management: Consider your thesis as a project and practice your project management skills to deliver on time and against specifications;
  • Communication skills: Communicate in a way that is clear, easy to understand and appealing to the different stakeholders (academic supervisors, stakeholders in the company, potential clients, etc.).

The project may be in any field of Business (marketing, operations, finance, HR, strategy, entrepreneurship, etc)