MBA Big Data & Business Analytics

The Amsterdam Business School not only offers you this interesting MBA Big Data & Business Analytics, it also aims to give participants in this part-time programme an unforgettable two year journey by offering different services:

Careers Services

The Careers Office provides various opportunities for our students to enhance their career skills and meet influential companies and speakers. We offer careers workshops throughout the year, inviting external trainers, recruiters and hiring managers to enlighten our students on topics including: personal branding, networking skills, time management, CV & cover letter writing and more.

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Access to our Data Community

Students from the MBA Big Data & Business Analytics get access to a broad network of data incentives organised by the University of Amsterdam and its partners:

1. Amsterdam Data Science: a data science ecosystem of academic knowledge institutes in Amsterdam that aims to develop world-class data science talent and technology within the Amsterdam region.

2. Big Data Alliance: a platform founded by the University of Amsterdam, CWI, SURFsara, the VU University Amsterdam and ORTEC. The Alliance’s goal is to encourage big data professionals and scholars to share their expertise, the benefits of research and industry innovations. The conviction of the Alliance’s partners is that all parties in academia and industry will benefit more from knowledge exchange and regular cooperation. 

3. Startup Village: an incubator founded by the University of Amsterdam that offers students support for their innovative high-tech startups.

Social events programme

We understand that is important to study but it also important to invest in each other and to get to know your fellow students better. That’s why we organise an attractive social events programme, including workshops, social gatherings and more. These activities are sometimes only for students, but there are also events organised for students' partners and children, providing the perfect setting for investing in friendships for the future.

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Published by  Economics and Business

21 June 2018