This MBA Big Data & Business Analytics programme is intended for:

  • Hands-on Big Data experts
  • Consultants
  • Leaders in data intensive industries
  • Entrepreneurs in Big Data and Business Analytics
  • For everyone that aspire these positions in the future

#1 at LinkedIn

LinkedIn has researched the job searches in many countries worldwide. At turns out that the number of searches for Big Data and Business Analytics jobs exceeds all other searches by far. See for the LinkedIn research (link). 

Shortfall in the labour market

It has been predicted that a huge shortfall will occur in the labour market for Big Data and Business Analytics specialists:

  • McKinsey & Company predicts a shortfall of 140-190,000 experts and 1.5 million managers by 2018 (link).
  • Nationale Denktank (a national foundation that aims to improve the cooperation and knowledge exchange between the academic, public and private sector) predicts a shortfall of 8,000 experts in the Netherlands by 2018 (link).

Published by  Economics and Business

1 September 2017