Big Data Alliance

MBA Big Data & Business Analytics

“Fast-paced digitalization has drastically changed the world as we know it. Those who fail to integrate big data in their business strategy are being left behind”. As Willem Vermeend and Anwar Osseyran explain in ‘The Revolution of Big Data', traditional organizational models and business processes must give way to new ones if we are to thrive in this new digital economy.


Innovative startups are popping up left and right, driving a digital revival. It’s time to take the lead internationally and create new business opportunities with big data. To achieve this, universities, businesses and R&D institutes need to join forces. A platform is also necessary to bring big data buyers and suppliers together. This is the objective of the Big Data Alliance.


Founded by the University of Amsterdam, CWI, SURFsara, the VU University Amsterdam and ORTEC, the Alliance’s goal is to encourage big data professionals and scholars to share their expertise, the benefits of research and industry innovations. The conviction of the Alliance’s partners is that all parties in academia and industry will benefit more from knowledge exchange and regular cooperation. More information about the Big Data Alliance can be found here.

Published by  Economics and Business

19 December 2017