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Admission Requirements

MBA Big Data & Business Analytics


Candidates wishing to apply for admission to the MBA Big Data & Business Analytics programme must meet the following requirements:

1. Bachelor or Master degree

Participants require an academic Bachelor's or Master’s degree and a quantitative or business background, f.e. from engineering, economics, accounting, business, psychology, mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. In special cases the programme director could decide to allow for applications to be submitted by candidates with alternative degrees and backgrounds.

2. Work experience

A minimum of three years of post-graduate work experience. Given the fact that Big Data is a relatively new subject, the programme director will decide on a case by case basis whether the applicant has sufficient (practical) experience to be able to participate in this programme.

3. GMAT or GRE

We require a minimum GMAT score of 630 and a minimum analytical writing score of approximately 4.0 (or a GRE equivalent).

Candidates with a relevant Master’s degree (MSc) from an internationally recognised research university and a minimum of three years post-graduate full-time work experience are exempt from the GMAT/GRE requirement.

The Amsterdam Business School institutions codes: 
GMAT = 0500 /  Information about the GMAT
GRE = 6739 /  Information about the GRE

4. English language proficiency

We require documentation of English language proficiency. Minimum TOEFL score: 100 or IELTS score: 7.0. You may be exempt from this requirement if:

  • you are a native speaker of English;
  • you have at least 2 years of professional experience in an English speaking work environment;
  • you have taken an English-taught Bachelor or Master degree;
  • you have a Dutch VWO high school diploma.

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