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Frequently asked questions

Executive Programme in Management Studies

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  • What is the duration of the programme?

    The Master's programme takes 18 months. If you are required to take a Pre-Master's, then this will take an additional 3 periods in one semester (half a year).

  • What degree will I obtain?

    Upon completing the programme, you will receive a Master's of Science (MSc) degree from the University of Amsterdam. You may then use the title MSc.

  • What arguments will convince my employer of this master?

    These arguments will help to convice your employer:

    • You combine work and study, so you will bring acquired knowledge directly into the organisation.
    • Your assignments and thesis will be about issues that play a role within your organisation. Giving your employer the opportunity to use this knowledge to solve strategic and operational business problems.
    • You expand your network with students and alumni from the programme and the Amsterdam Business School.
    • You will study at an internationally renowned business school, part of the University of Amsterdam and Triple Crown accredited.
  • What is the tuition fee?

    The tuition fee from September 2019 is €16,950 for the Master’s programme (18 months).

    A Pre-Master's programme may cost  €4,900 or less, depending on your prior education.

    You can pay the fee in instalments. In that case you will receive an invoice each semester.

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