Intern for a Day

What is 'Intern for a day'?

The 'Intern for a Day' programme is a voluntary option for Bachelor and Master students of UvA Economics & Business to spend a day observing how a company works. The student can observe different professions, work together with professionals, get a feel for the atmosphere on the work floor and experience a typical working day. It enables the student to examine his / her career opportunities without having to do an internship for a longer period of time. It also helps students expand their network. For the alumnus it is beneficial to meet ambitious students and if there’s a click they have the first choice in offering the student a full-fledged internship or job .

How does it work in practice?

The student comes for one day to a company or a department. The student receives a tour from the internship supervisor at the beginning of the day. Then the student interviews the accompanying alumnus and one other colleague with a different job profile. You can then choose from a number of activities: going through company literature, participating in meetings, helping with administrative tasks, asking questions about the professional field or the organisation and helping or assisting with short office projects (assessing a report or giving an opinion on current projects). At the end of the day there is an evaluation. There are no costs associated with ‘Intern for a Day’.

When is 'Intern for a Day' being offered?

Intern For A Day takes place in the period May to June. The exact internship day is planned by the student and the alumnus on the basis of their availability.


You can sign up by filling in the registration form at the link above. You can register until 15 April . The Career Center of UvA Economics & Business will carry out the selection of the students. They will contact you in April to discuss your preferences. The student will be introduced to you at the end of April.


  • drs. S.M.J. (Suzan) van der Bruggen | T: 0205259213

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1 November 2018