Spotlight on alumni

Where do our alumni end up after graduating? Where are they working now? Read about their experiences and receive some career tips along the way!

  • Alumni Economics and Business

    Alumnus in the Spotlight: Alon Ben Joseph

    At age 12, Alon Ben Joseph sold Swatch watches in his parents’ jewellery business; at 19, he became Vice President of that same business. He reinvented the jewellery industry by being the first to set up an e-boutique for online sales. ‘Selling ...

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  • UvA in Carré

    Alumnus in the Spotlight: Aart van Veller

    For Aart van Veller, a trip to the Arctic ignited the drive to do something about climate change. The key to solving this problem, he concluded, is our energy consumption. And so Van Veller started his own sustainable energy supplier: Vandebron.

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  • Economics and Business alumni

    Alumnus in the Spotlight: Thijs Meijer

    'There's more to entrepreneurship than just a good idea. The main thing is to know your customer and that's why I like to work with the lean start-up canvas and the business-model canvas.'

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  • Pauline Schneider

    Alumnus in the Spotlight: Pauline Schneider

    'It’s a very creative job in which all aspects of marketing come together. The great thing about being the sole marketing specialist within an organisation is that you can do it all'

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  • Sergio Harrevelt

    Alumnus in the Spotlight: Sergio Harrevelt

    ‘Earning your degree is the beginning of the lifelong learning process known as your career. You get a lot more accomplished with support from those around you, and an alumni network can help'

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